Routine Car Maintenance For Idiots

When the mercury rises in the thermometer, it’s so nice to crank that air-conditioning on high and enjoy. Unfortunately there’s a down-side to everything, even AC. We know that air-conditioners, be they window units or complete central air systems, are costly. Heavy use of home air-conditioning is harmful to the environment also. There are even health issues associated with air conditioners.

Radiator Flush – Radiator coolant doesn’t last forever. If the coolant becomes dirty, the radiator itself will begin to break down and corrode. A once-a-year radiator flush is good fixd app where to buy that will enhance your safety and all the features of your vehicle functioning properly.

At times you will find your car emitting strange smells. These smells are an indication of an upcoming problem. Musty smell means that there is some water clogged below your carpets which you need to dry out. Otherwise it would take no time in rusting your car and your car maintenance tips will also be destroyed. Smoke type smells are the most dangerous ones; they signify an electrical problem. Shut down your car immediately and check the bonnet. When your fuel tank gets choked or overflows, strange fuel orders will gather; check it immediately. A sweaty kind of smell takes over when varnish is getting burnt. A burning smell takes over your nostrils when your tires are facing problems and you are driving with your brakes on. Strange smells act as early warning signals for those undesirable repair bills.

The same idea applies in city driving. Speeding up to make the next red light guzzles gas and is hard on your car. This can decrease fuel efficiency by 5%.

Every additional 45 kg of weight carried increases fuel consumption 1-2%. Avoid carrying around in your car things you don’t need that only add weight to your vehicle.

Change your oil routinely. The vast majority of auto technicians agree that changing your oil every 3,000 miles is a good decision. The filter also needs to be changed along with the oil. Sometimes chassis lubrication is also done as part of this service. Both will extend the lifespan of your car. The oil change will guarantee the cleanest running possible. All engine parts need to be coated in clean oil of the right viscosity. If you don’t change the oil, the engine parts can very easily get destroyed. When it comes to oil changes and other local car repair Madison Wisconsin residents can rest easy. There are lots of repair shops that can assist you. For oil changes near your house, see any auto repair Madison Wisconsin service for your auto needs.

Clean the car: We all feel proud with our shiny and glittering cars. The best way to maintain a car is to wash it and clean it on a regular basis. Look into the areas that are more prone to dirt such as tires, cup holder and dash board. Clean with good cleaning product that contains anti-bacterial agent. Clean the leather seats of the car at least once a month or two. It is best to use the cleaner, especially made for leather to eradicate stubborn dirt and stains.

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