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I am sick to death of seeing neutral colours being used over and over again. It seems to have become a trend and now there isn’t just one neutral space within a home, but the theme seems to run throughout. I understand how neutral tones suit almost anything and it is easier to buy accessories to suit, however, where has the personality disappeared to? I have been browsing through the ‘HousetoHome’ website and found some absolute wonderful ideas and images of living areas decorated with a splash of colour – some more vibrant than others.

Recurrently, wash your cat’s bedding and yours as well. Make a routine practice of washing your blankets and cat beds often. You may not think they have a stench, but cat fur, dirt and paws that have been in the litter box all are a factor that helps create smelly bedding.

A room that is not used often still needs to be furnished, and some thought has to go into furnishing it. A living room that is used every night, with kids sitting watching TV or playing computer games needs to be furnished differently from a room you just entertain guests in. Do you have family nights where you get a takeaway and settle down in front of the TV to watch a DVD or the X-Factor and Saturday night TV programmes? In most living rooms, the comfort of the soft furnishings is crucial; no one wants to sit on uncomfortable seats for any length of time.

Entertainment set. Usually our parents get bored when they are just staying inside the house and have nothing to do. Give them an entertainment set like TV or music players so they can enjoy watching different programs or listen to their old favorite songs. They will absolutely never feel bored which is very good for anybody. This entertainment set will surely never fail you in making your parents really glad and happy not just for this season but even on their everyday lives.

What colours will look good in your living room? Furniture, especially fauteuil club, tend to dominate the room, so whatever colour you go with realize that it will be very noticeable. You don’t want something that’s going to clash with your carpet or your wall colour. You also want to be certain you select furniture with a texture you like. Some furniture covering is very soft, which is great if you’re going to be napping on the sofa a lot. You might also want to look at leather furniture. Leather generally comes in either browns or white, although you can find some leather furniture in other colours.

Be sure to replace boxes completely once a year. No matter how thoroughly you wash them out, over time, plastic boxes can trap bacteria and begin to stink.

Another very important factor you need to consider when buying is the balance between the different pieces. You do not want a leather chair to stand out like a sore thumb between two sofas of a softer material. If you keep this in mind, buying living room furniture will be the best experience of your life.

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