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Plan ahead. The first thing that you need to do is to create a lead generation plan. I suggest that you spend at least a couple of days trying to figure out how you can effectively reach out to your potential clients. List down the techniques that you are going to use and the amount of time that you are going to spend daily on this task. By doing so, you will not wake up one morning and ask yourself, “What am I suppose to do today”. Having a plan can actually help you become more productive.

I think most business owners or just people in general are adverse to picking up the phone and making a sales call. It must just be human nature. People are rewarded for doing the hard things and the others are not. Keep this thought in the back of mind at all times. Picture it as a curtain, it goes up and your standing on stage, it goes down you’re back in front of the TV. The more you challenge yourself and push yourself mentally to do the hard thing the more successful you will be. It is hard to be disciplined, consistently.

So check this out. What if you could have the life you want, be on a path to achieving your financial goals, and not be so busy! It’s done all of the time. By who? Smart entrepreneurs. How? They gantt chart template at 3 things: focus, time management, and taking massive action.

Championships and right now it’s just really fun helping the younger players, like I was helped along the way. Just trying to pour this given knowledge that I have into other players. I think that is really fulfilling for me this season.

Repeat this Excel Template for several minutes. You won’t believe how this will immediately increase the accuracy, and timing of your sets and ultimately get your team delivering great killer spikes!

But let’s assume you actually didn’t really enjoy your work. The best thing about your ex-job was that it paid the bills. Well, isn’t it great? They let you go and even gave you some money to get through the toughest times! The biggest favour they did was to bring you out of the false sense of security.

And that’s it! We just saved time running around like headless chickens looking for folks and data, saved a ton of emails and attachments back and forth, not to mention the confusion of which was the most updated copy – now the most updated copy will always be the only one online!

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