3Ds Eshop Charts (8/13)

“In addition, the closed-door demonstration also revealed another twist in the gameplay: portions of the game in which you plant your sword into the ground to enter another world. There, you search for teardrop-shaped crystals for some purpose. The problem?

And speaking of which, it appears that HMV is not going to accept trade-ins of the game. Of course, that’s only referring to the United Kingdom part of the company, as far as I can tell; whether the Canadian stores will be affected remains unknown at this time.

Nintendo is going to win best in show for its E3 presentation. A powerful new console with a unique controller, backwards compatibility, HD graphics and stupefying AAA titles are going to acutate all of our saving habits from now til 2012. 3DS will continue its stalwart run with stronger software, new features and a digital store with fresh content. With the way things are looking, another impressive showing from the Kyoto based corporation is being foreshadowed. Tuesday cannot come any sooner and there won’t be enough towels to cover all the wet pants next week. Game on.

This week’s magento eshop update also adds the release of Game & Wario (6/23) for the Wii U, as well as LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey (6/25) and Project X Zone (6/25), both for the 3DS.

Posters on forums such as Slickdeals and CAG confirm the early price drop for the 3DS in-store though the new price may not be posted yet. It may not hurt to call ahead and check with the store though as forum posters and Joystiq are reporting that not all stores are aware of the change.

I’m really not sure how I feel about Nintendo attempting to go head-to-head on a technological level with the competition. Other than the Super NES, it doesn’t seem to go especially well for them, and even in that case, SEGA falling apart from within no doubt helped them achieve that victory. Between that and what appear to be higher prices (as we’ve witnessed with the Nintendo 3DS)… I really hope they know what they are doing.

Other available games this week include: escapeVektor: Chapter 1 (WiiWare), Crystal Caverns of Amon-Ra (eShop, DSiWare), Bugs ‘N’ Balls (eShop, DSiWare) and a new Blue Man Group Sports video, which will be viewable after 3 p.m. PT via the Nintendo Video channel on the 3DS.

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