2012 Goals Increase Fan Base And Sell Music

I used to be very busy with the other aspects of my work-answering phone calls, emailing clients, meeting with my staff-among the many other things that consumed my time.

In the past, many artists relied on getting signed by a record label to get serious promotion. Record labels would usually front the expenses that come with music promotion sites. Since this was the industry standard, bands were always trying to become signed and get radio play. If an artists had their music played on the radio, it was a surefire bet that they were going to sell records. But today, many things have changed for the record industry with the birth of digitally recorded music. Artists can now record their own music with little to no expense, and even promote their own music. With this, millions of artists across the world are turning to the worlds largest social network, MySpace.

Her first big role was in Casper Meets Wendy where she was the first live-action Wendy. After that success, Hilary was cast as the title character in the Disney television series Lizzie McGuire. Lizzie and Hilary were instant hits! With the success of the series, The Lizzie McGuire Movie released to theaters in 2003 and debuted at #2. Hilary also appeared in Agent Cody Banks and Cheaper by the Dozen in 2003, Raise Your Voice and A Cinderella Story in 2004 and The Perfect Man and the sequel Cheaper by the Dozen 2 in 2005. In 2006, Material Girls co-starring her sister Haylie and the animated movie Foodfight! will release.

You can do this with a whole bunch of stuff like YouTube videos, Twitter posts, Facebook messages, music contacts and fan emails. Pretty much anything in your music career, and your life for that matter.

Blogs also rank highly in the search engines for a number of reasons, most notably for their current and relevant content. There are, however, several key elements to creating a successful blog about the band or music. While competing with thousands of other bloggers within the subject area of music, one needs to be different and follow each of the key steps set out.

You can add plays and views and get on the Myspace charts. This will get labels and booking agents to take notice of you. In addition fans will see that you are popular and a viral effect will happen getting you even more loyal fans packing your show and buying your music.

Promo Tip #23 Brand your name across the world and be ever mindful of the image you wish to portray whenever out in public or online. When it’s in print, it’s permanent.

The Palm Beach Underground was started by Bruce and only Bruce. It is a website dedicated to the growing underground music scene in Palm Beach County. The Palm Beach Underground has helped the careers of artists such as Killa Kim of Dunk Ryder Records, G-Boi of Terror Squad Records/Entrepeneur Entertainment, Eric B, Hustla Jones, 4 Pound aka K-Deezy, Clete of Jive Records, Shife of Terror Squad/Karbeen Muzik, Toe Down of Terror Squad/Entrepeneur Entertainment, Full Clip from the Southside, Hex Da Curse, Vandam Bodyslam of Entrepeneur Entertainment, Glamour Girl of Uncut Entertainment, and many more. It has also promoted models like Jus Rite, Ms. Kelly, Ms. Chantel, Jade, and Lady Savage.

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